Hello dear visitor,


My name is Michael Ming Jian Gong and I'm from Guangzhou. I know well the wholesale markets and factories in Guangzhou and the cities near by very well. I work as business guide/interpreter since 2006.


I have new, clean Volkswagen Tiguan with 5 seats , AC and GPS navigation,and could be your China Business Dirver with car in Guangzhou, Foshan,Dongguan,Zhuhai,Shenzhen,Zhongshan and other city of Guangdong Province.


I'm a non-smoker and so my car is very clean.My Car will be washed before we meet customers every time. I use my car to bring my oversea customers to all kinds of wholesale markets and factories in Foshan and around Guangzhou.


If you like to use my car and me as your driver,business interpreter or the driver + business interpreter for your China Business trip, you can call me or write me a message. For mobile text you just send to my China mobile number 0086 135 1272 3439 or write directly to my email address chinabusinessguide@qq.com.I will answer you in 24 hours.


I'm waiting for your questions and it's a pleasure for me to drive and guide you.

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